Waterfowl Hunts

During the winter months, Reelfoot Lake transforms into arguably one of the top waterfowl destinations in the country. Reelfoot Lake sits in the center of the natural Mississippi River crossway in between the Obion River bottoms and the Missouri Delta. 

Chase has been hunting waterfowl on Reelfoot Lake since his childhood. He knows what it takes to provide a very memorable experience. 

What to expect on a hunt:

Chase and his crew work very hard to provide a true five-star experience. There are absolutely no steps skipped in the process. You can expect to hunt out of very comfortable blinds equipped with heat, kitchens, and large decoy spreads. These blinds are very well maintained and hidden very well! They are also equipped with top of the line decoys and electronics. You will have an opportunity to shoot many different species of waterfowl, including specklebelly geese, mallards, pintails, teal, gadwall, and wigeons.

What all is included in the hunt: 

– 8 hour hunts

– All hunts include two meals a day(breakfast and lunch). 

– Transportation to and from blind

– Water and coffee

– Very safe and secure hunting environment

– Lodging


– $425 per person, 1 day hunt/ 1 night stay (Minimum of 6 people)

You must have a minimum group of 6 for lodging and to have blind exclusively for your group only. We do not mix parties!